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t, you will pass a place which calls itself the "Potato Capital of Chi▓na". It is a sign you may easily miss, and the unfamiliar Mongolian name may s▓oon fade from memory - until your next meal. Potatoes play a huge role in Mo

ngolian cuisine, and one of the most novel ways I have seen it prepared here is a dish of naked wheat noodles ▓coated with mashed potatoes. Naked wheat is slippery and▓

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seasoning just slides off the noodles. Some clever cook decided to coat the noodles with mashed 

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potatoes, and it is this rough sandy layer that traps the s

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easoning and adds a textured layer to the dish. Bril

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liant. In Beijing, one of the mos▓t common dishes, if you eat out in

urce. In Inner

th▓e little restaurants, is a dish of potato julienne stir-fried with green chili peppers. Well-traveled I may be, but it was the first time I had eaten potatoes as a stir-fried vegetable. These days, of c▓ourse, I am almost

addicted. The simple stir-fry bri▓ngs out the potato's real flavor and elevates it to▓ the starring role it deserves. It is certainly a lot healthier than greasy fries or chips. My hus▓band remembers a potato and mea

t stew from his student-farmer days in Inner Mongolia. He says the best meat is donkey meat, but since my face-to-face encounter with a long-l▓ashed big-eyed donkey on the road to

Mongolia, on

Hohhot, I have insist▓ed on using beef. It is a hearty stew, very basic, but just the thing for cool nights and a hungry family. The wonder of this dish is that the potatoes absorb the sweetness of the meat like sponges. And that is another reason why the potato is such a usefu▓l vegetable - it complements and enhances. Contrary to belief,

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